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Shut Out: Opposition MPs on Kyoto Decision
Statement on Northern Aviation Safety
National Family Week Statement
Arctic Sunwest Crash Statement
Statement in the House of Commons
A memorial for Jack
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Statement by Dennis Bevington
Conservative budget cuts $300 million plus from the North
Statement by Dennis Bevington in the House of Commons

Shut Out: Opposition MPs on Kyoto Decision

December 15, 2011

We were not welcome when minister Kent was announcing that Canada would not be part of a second Kyoto treaty.

Unfortunately, Canada's new majority Conservative government feels there is no need for different points of view regardless of how many facts support them.

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Huffington Post Politics

Statement on Northern Aviation Safety

October 6th, 2011

House of Commons Crest

Mr. Speaker, on Tuesday, Northerners were devastated by the fourth airplane crash in only weeks.

On Tuesday, an Air Tindi Cessna 208 crashed on a scheduled flight from Yellowknife to Lutselk'e, killing the pilot and one passenger. This crash comes only days after the funerals for two pilots killed when an Arctic Sunwest Twin Otter crashed in Yellowknife's Old town, injuring seven others. The day after that crash, a single-engine Cessna crashed near Fort Simpson. Luckily the pilot walked away.

On August 12, a First Air 737 crashed near Resolute Bay killing 12 of the 15 on board. The crew of that aircraft was based in Yellowknife.

I am sure all members of the House will stand with me to extend their condolences to the families and friends of the victims of these crashes.

For northerners, flying is something they do all the time due to the isolation of our communities. They have no other choice. Understandably, they are concerned about the safety of northern aviation.

Last year, government officials promised to beef-up transport Canada's aviation safety inspection arm. My constituents want to know if the government has kept its promises.

Dennis Bevington Former MP Northwest Territories

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National Family Week Statement October 3-9, 2011

September 30, 2011

House of Commons Crest

The season of fall is here in the NWT, and across Canada. For Family week 2011, and as your Member of Parliament for the I want to acknowledge my family and all the working families across the Northwest Territories.

Here in the North families play a key role in our cultural fabric, and the strength and wellness of our communities. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without the strength and moral support of my spouse, parents, siblings, children and grandchildren.

Have a safe, healthy and happy Family Week 2011!


Dennis Bevington Former MP Northwest Territories

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National Family Week

Arctic Sunwest Crash Statement

September 27th, 2011

House of Commons Crest

The news of another tragic aviation crash has hit the Northwest Territories hard.

On behalf of my Constituents, and my colleagues in the House of Commons I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the two victims of the Twin Otter crash in Yellowknife.

Also, my thoughts and prayers are with the survivors and their families. Flying is the main means for travel in our vast territory, and our economy depends heavily upon our aviation industry and service.

It has been a difficult month for our Northern pilots and Northern Aviation industry.


Dennis Bevington Former MP Northwest Territories

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Statement in the House of Commons

September 20th, 2011


Ottawa - Today in the House of Commons, Dennis Bevington Former MP (Western Arctic) made the following statement recognizing a number of Northerners who have received national recognition for their work.

Statement in the House of Commons - Dennis Bevington

Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate some NWT residents who have received national recognition this year.

Fort Smith's Slave River Journal was awarded the best all-round newspaper from the Canadian Community Newspaper Association in its circulation category.

Dr. Curtis Brown from the South Slave Divisional Education Council was given the Canadian Association of School Administrators Award as the best school superintendent in Canada.

Sylvia Clement, a 29-year-old single mother of two, was awarded the Council of the Federation 2011 Literacy Award for her work.

Di Ann Blesse was the winner of the Canadian Teachers' Federation Outstanding Aboriginal Educator Award.

Paul Bennett, principal of Yellowknife's J.H. Sissons School, was chosen as one of Canada's 32 outstanding principals.

Buffalo Airways won two Gemini Awards for the reality show, Ice Pilots.

All over the vast NWT, our residents work hard to build our territory. The results are exceptional, and these national awards recognize that.

Denis Bevington Member of Parliament

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For More Information, please contact:
Doug Johnson, Office of Dennis Bevington Former MP, 613-992-2131

Memorial Statement

August 27th, 2011

A memorial for Jack

Friends, you have gathered together today for a very sad but unique moment in the history of our country and our political system. We have lost a great Canadian, a leader in his prime of life one deeply engaged in a political journey of historic proportions.

To all Canadians, he was a recognition and a hope of what we can be as a people. He was brave, but humble, a powerful person, but a man for every Canadian.

I had the opportunity to know and work with jack Layton through two decades. When I first met him, as a fellow director on the Federation of Municipalities, his passion for progressive issues was apparent, whether it was social equality, the environment, or community development.

When we started at the FCM, it was an organization looking for purpose. When Jack left there, having served as the President, it was a highly successful dynamic part of Canadian society, with a unique Green Fund and a gas tax rebate serving every single community.

This kind of success got many peoples attention and eight years ago Jack won the contest for leadership of the Federal NDP. From the bottom up Jack transformed the Party, with his consensus building approach, with his tremendous organizational skills, his unfailingly sunny disposition, and his unwavering belief in progressive values.

Jack, we mourn you and miss you terribly. Your struggle was and remains our struggle to build a better Canada with no one left behind. Your vision was clear, your message virtuous, your life work stands as a beacon for all of us.

Let no person say that you did not care deeply for all of your life, your friends, family, career, your fellow Canadians. I know you loved life in all its ways, society, music, the land in its beauty. But I also know that in your heart burned a desire to create a better world for all people, a desire that transcended the frailty of life.

We mourn and grief for you today. Tomorrow, we can hope to carry forward with a measure of your spirit guiding us. Regardless of political stripe, as Canadians we are deeply grateful for your life.

Torn from this world before your time is a tragedy, for all of us. Your life however has been a glorious effort for which we will be ever grateful.

Denis Bevington Member of Parliament

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Statement by Dennis Bevington

Friday May 6th, 2011

For Immediate Release

Dear friends and constituents.

I want to thank all of you who supported and encouraged me across the NWT and throughout Canada in this most exciting and historic election of 2011.

It has meant that my colleagues and I in the NDP will have a much stronger role in Parliament as the Official Opposition. With 102 MP's we will be able to provide a very effective voice to stand up to a majority Conservative Government.

Once again it will be an honour and privilege to represent the people of the NWT in our Parliament, and as your representative, my job will continue to have many components.

From affordability of northern living, to the need for public investment in transportation and communities, to protection and improvement of our public health care, to caring for the environment, our team in Ottawa and the north will be working hard for you and your families.

Have a great spring and summer, and once again

mahsi cho, quyanainni, merci bien, thank you.

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Conservative budget cuts $300 million plus from the North

Tuesday April 5th, 2011

YELLOWKNIFE - Analysis of the Conservative Government's Expenditure Plan for fiscal year 2011-12 shows the Harper Conservatives plan to cut more than $300 million dollars from Northern programs this year.

"Where were the Northern Conservative MPs and Minister when this budget was being planned? Why did they fail to stand up for the North?" said Dennis Bevington, the New Democrat candidate currently seeking re-election in "What we are seeing here is another example of why Northerners can't trust the Conservatives to look out for their needs."

A detailed analysis of the Government Expenditure Plan and Main Estimates conducted by New Democratic Party Researchers has found the following cuts:



Community Development funding $17,024,000


Northern Land, Resources and Environmental Management $219,876,000

Grant for the advancement of scientific knowledge of the North $50,000

Contribution for promoting the safe use, development, conservation and protection of the North's natural resources $57,607,000

Contributions for promoting the political, social and scientific development of Canada's three territories $1,337,000

Contributions for promoting regional development in Canada's three territories $15,585,000

TOTAL CUTS $311,479,000

Below is a PDF copy of above statement

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Conservative budget cuts $300 million statement050411.pdf download

Federal budget had northern program cuts: NDP external link

Statement by Dennis Bevington in the House of Commons

Wednesday March 23rd, 2011

House of Commons Crest

Mr. Speaker, yesterday the government announced they were going to partially fund the building of a highway from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk.

A project I've personally supported for a number of years and one that is in Environmental assessment at the request of Northerners. Great project, where's the money?

Unfortunately Mr. Speaker there is no money assigned to do this….nowhere in the government's detailed spending estimates is there a budget line for this highway.

What do we find in the main estimates…… a cut of 70 per cent to funds for the safe use, development, conservation and protection of the North's natural resources.

A 58 per cent cut to funding to promote the political, social and scientific development of the three territories.

Mr. Speaker Northerners remember how they promised Iqaluit a port but never delivered. We remember the armed ice-breakers now shelved and we remember a food-mail program which caused prices to climb. Hollow promises all.

Northerners won't be waiting for this new hollow promise to come true. If the Conservatives really want to help Northerners build this road then it should be in the detailed spending estimates.


Below is a PDF copy of Mr. Bevington's statement

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statement230311.pdf download