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In memory of Jack Layton - July 18, 1950 – August 22, 2011

Jack layton, Dennis Bevington - Yellowknife April, 2011

Season's Greetings - Meilleurs voeux

Best Wishes for 2009 - Meilleurs voeux pour 2009

Season's Greetings - Meilleurs voeux

Dennis and Joan Bevington
Northern Lights Image by Bob Langevin
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Dear Friends,

2009 is drawing to a close. As we come to the end of this tumultuous year, I hope we will all have a chance to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family. Although some economic numbers have improved, Canada and the rest of the globe have a slow road to recovery ahead.

The Federal Government stimulus package in this year's budget helped, but the large deficit left-over from those expenditures and our drop in tax revenues has left all levels of government pinching pennies for the New Year. We need to chart a new course for the economy, a green and sustainable one that emphasizes production. Production must not be only for export markets, but one which gives new life to our regional and local markets too.

We need to ensure services provided by public governments remain well supported, whether it's health care, environmental protection, public infrastructure or public safety. I want to highlight the work I have completed so far on the Transport Committee to protect and ensure safety protocols and inspections remain at the same high level as in the past. This work over the past year has led to Transport Canada now promising to hire more inspectors and slow down the implementation of self regulated safety management systems (SMS) for small airlines, along with other changes.

Bill C-391, the private members bill which proposes scrapping the long gun registry, has been a controversial and challenging item in the 40th Parliament. The gun control legislation drawn up 15 years ago had good features which have reduced the hazards associated with firearms. The fact the police can access a registry, which tells them whether a gun owner is on the scene of a call, will remain even after the potential passing of Bill C-391. The lockup provision for firearms has made it much more difficult for spontaneous violence in the home. Safety training sessions have ensured uniform standards across our country.

The issue for the need for registration and restrictions in use of individual firearms used for hunting has been the single most challenged part of this package. This is what a majority of my constituents across the North are saying is not working and what has had a detrimental impact on hunting and harvesting practices. Hunting is an essential part of Northern life. I respect that and encourage it, and have consistently held this position through four federal elections. I did not vote for the Private Members Bill because of pressure from the Conservatives, or anyone else. I hope for an enlightened debate on this matter.

There are many other things that have been part of the parliamentary agenda. I am pleased with the attention to Northern issues, especially those being raised in the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Standing committee. I worked to initiate this effort last spring. This will add up to 30 sessions with Northerners by the time the report comes out. Please contact myself or my staff with any issues you may have.

Best wishes for the New Year!!

Dennis Bevington, Member of Parliament, Western Arctic


MP Statistics
26th March, 2009
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A Forum on Mitigating the Fossil Fuel Decline in Canada

February 5, 2008

OTTAWA - There is strong evidence that the Earth has just passed its peak of production for fossil fuels. From this point forward it is anticipated that demand for fossil fuels will outstrip supply and this problem will increase. How we prepare for this eventuality will be very important to Canadians. Dennis Bevington the NDP's Energy Critic is hosting a discussion forum on the End of Fossil Fuels and invites all members of the media to join us.

Click download feb05-08_forum.pdf to view the agenda for this forum Thursday February 7, 2008 OTTAWA 8:30 a.m. Forum Room 306 West Block Media from outside of Ottawa may access the forum by phoning 1-888-265-0903 or (613)954-9003 and quoting teleconference ID number 054796.

Click download feb07-08_forum_transcript.pdf Transcription of Proceedings Forum on Mitigating the Fossil Fuel Decline in Canada.


Forum sur l'atténuation des effets du déclin des combustibles fossiles au Canada

5 février 2008

OTTAWA - Tout indique que la Terre vient de passer sa capacité de production maximale de combustibles fossiles. À partir de maintenant, la demande de combustibles fossiles dépassera l'offre et la situation ira en empirant. Il sera important pour les Canadiens de savoir se préparer à cela. Dennis Bevington, le porte-parole du NPD en matière d'énergie, organise un forum de discussion sur la fin des combustibles fossiles auquel tous les membres des médias sont invités.

Cliquez download fec05-08-fr_forum.pdf pour le programme de la journée: jeudi 7 février 2008 OTTAWA 08:30 hrs Forum Pièce 306, édifice de l'Ouest Les médias de l'extérieur d'Ottawa peuvent avoir accès au forum en téléphonant au 1-888-265-0903 ou au 613-954-9003 et en citant le numéro de téléconférence 054796.