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Cannor October 21, 2011
Safety of Northern Aviation October 6, 2011
Bill C-4 October 3, 2011
House of Commons June 24, 2011
Truckers - Log books March 1, 2011
Bill C-530 February 10, 2011
High Cost of Living in the North February 7, 2011
US Secure Flight Program February 7, 2011
Bill C-42 February 1, 2011

:. Cannor

date created:
October 21, 2011
Financial Status, problems.
Waiting for final audit.
Applications waiting for decisions.
Decisions made by minister rather than by non-partisan public servants.
Duration : 02:35
Cannor external link

:. Safety of Northern Aviation

date created:
October 6, 2011
4th airplane crash in recent weeks.
Isolation of communities dependent on air travel.
Condolences to Air Crashes victims & their families.
Reminder to Conservatives on their promise.
Duration : 01:20

:. Bill C-4

date created:
October 3, 2011
80 opposed organizations to the bill.
Attempt to see motivation of Government.
Immigration and refugees.
Dennis talks about his grandmother coming from Russia.
Limit refugees by their understanding of the law.
e-Bulletin July 2011 external link
Duration : 08:37

:. House of Commons June 24th, 2011

date created:
June 24, 2011
Dennis' Fillibuster speech 4:00AM in the morning.
Postal Service & the NWT. Community Post Offices. Government of Canada Food Mail Service towards privatization.
Process of negociations, not followed by government. Lock-up mail disruption.
Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development report on Food Mail.
Comments : Gordon Brown - Conservative, Leeds-Grenville, Ontario
Comments : Lois Brown - Conservative, Parlementary Secretary, Newmarket-Aurora Ontario
Comments : Niki Ashton - NDP, Churchill, Manitoba
Duration : 13:41

:. Truckers - Log books

date created:
March 1, 2011
Federal Regulations need enforcement.
Danger on Canadian roads.
Duration : 01:17

:. Bill C-530

date created:
February 10, 2011
NWT meeting with Premier and Finance Minister of Northwest Territories.
Improved borrowing limit.
Authority NWT Act. Borrowing Provisions. Amendment required.
Better solutions for people of the North.
Getting the Bill to 2nd reading and committee approval.
link CBC article
Duration : 04:38

:. High Cost of Living in the North

date created:
February 7, 2011
Example Internet costs, extra Gigabyte cost $10.00 and Monthly caps of 2 Gigabytes.
Northern Economic Development Committee
Enhancing Tax deduction
Duration : 01:07

:. US Secure Flight Program

date created:
February 7, 2011
Conservatives selling out Canadians, Private Information, Rights of Canadians, North American Security Perimeter.
Comments : John Baird - Leader of the Government in the House of Commons - Conservative
Duration : 01:09

:. Bill C-42

date created:
February 1, 2011
Transport Infrastructure, Aeronautics Act, Canadian information given to USA.
Passenger Name Record, Perimeter Security. Flying into USA or Canada.
Possible sharing information with other countries.
Restrictions required on Sharing Information. EU concerns.
Supporting amendment, not the bill.
Duration : 09:54

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