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Protecting Environment December 9, 2010
MP Report - Poverty December 7, 2010
MP Report - Energy December 7, 2010
Bill C-530 November 3, 2010
M-518 motion debate October 25, 2010
Agreement In Principle October 21, 2010
Oil Sands September 2, 2010
Integrated Management Plan June 8, 2010
Bertha Allen statement May 11, 2010
Bill C-288 April 30, 2010
Restauration of Aboriginal Healing Foundation April 30, 2010
Environment - Denmark, Davis Strait drilling April 30, 2010
Environment - Oil Companies April 30, 2010
Environmental Regulartory Regime April 20, 2010
Budget Implementation Bill April 12, 2010
Aboriginal Healing Foundation March 22, 2010
Aviation Safety March 18, 2010
Dennis Bevington addresses Michael Ignatieff March 5, 2010

:. Protecting Environment

date created:
December 9, 2010
Conservative Government way off track.
Horn Plateau protected area.
Court Case.
Duration : 00:40

:. MP Report - Poverty

date created:
December 7, 2010
Dennis Bevington Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities. Northern Development and Sovereignty Critic MP NDP Western Arctic interviews Tony Martin Human Resources Critic MP NDP Sault-Ste-Marie
Poverty, Costs of Living, Remote Communities, 10% of Canada's population is living in poverty.
Families and People's basic needs required. Single women and Aboriginal groups affected.
Bill C-545. Elderlies and seniors, pensions.
Duration : 09:01

:. MP Report - Energy

date created:
December 7, 2010
Tony Martin Human Resources Critic MP NDP Sault-Ste-Marie interviews Dennis Bevington Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities. Northern Development and Sovereignty Critic MP NDP
Energy issues challenges and opportunities. Climate change - burning fossil fuels.
Cost of fuel long term will cost more. Demand increasing. Cost of living.
Canada requires a National Energy Strategy.
Energy efficiency and conservation. Renewable energies. Solar and Wind power, wood pellets, Natural Gas Grid. Peoples right to intervene.
Duration : 11:00

:. Bill C-530

date created:
November 3, 2010
Private members bill
Requirement for infrastructure
Northwest Territories Act
Provides line of credit, formula borrowing limits.
Tulsen Hydro Project. Liard Highway.
Moodys Rating for NWT. Fiscal policies.
Duration : 12:59

:. M-518 motion debate

date created:
October 25, 2010
Debate on continuing direction of government and their economic policies.
Comments by MP Dennis Bevington on motion presented by MP - Lee Richardson - Conservative from Calgary Centre.
Corporate tax cuts since early 1990's has changed the tax system of Canada, burden fallen upon average Canadians. Economy based on natural resources.
Free Trade manufacturing sector down in Canada, this has caused imbalance in World's economy.
Mackenzie Gas Project and costs involved, infrastructure, Mackenzie Valley Highway, investment required by Federal Government.
Tax Reduction to small businesses.
Duration : 09:33

:. Agreement In Principle

date created:
October 21, 2010
Negotiators in NWT reach an Agreement In Principle for the transfer and control and administration of crown lands and waters.
Public and Aboriginal Governments through shared responsibilities work together for benefit of all.
Duration : 01:05

:. Oil Sands

date created:
September 24th, 2010
Environmental Disaster, Government failure to regulate, affects health of First Nations and Northern Canadians. Study released by MP from Edmonton-Stratcona.
Comments: Hon Jim Prentice - Minister of Environment - Conservative
Duration : 01:20

:. Integrated Management Plan

date created:
June 8th, 2010
Beaufort Sea, Long Term Sustainability, Environmental Groups, Consultation. Government ignoring the Plan for over a year. Dennis mentions World Oceans Day.
Comments : John Duncan Parliamentry Secretary to the Minister of Indian Affairs & Northern Development.
Duration : 01:11

:. Bertha Allen statement House of Commons

date created:
May 11, 2010
Dennis issues statement on recent death of Bertha Allen from Inuvik.
Duration : 01:02
PDF download
bertha_allen_statement.pdf download

:. Bill C-288

date created:
April 30, 2010
Bill for Tax incentive, Dennis talks about his riding and the population decline and the cost of living in the North.
Also talks about servicing of the mine industry, the need for manpower.
Duration : 09:08

:. Restauration of Aboriginal Healing Foundation

date created:
April 30, 2010
Dennis rises to present two petitions, asking for restoration of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation.
Duration : 00:46

:. Environment - Denmark, Davis Strait drilling

date created:
April 30, 2010
Denmark has issued drilling permits, in Davis Strait, what government action taken to assure environmental protection.
Duration : 00:34

:. Environment - Oil Companies

date created:
April 30, 2010
USA Gulf of Mexico, environmental disaster. Exemption of Oil Companies, enforce drill relief wells.
Enforce drilling relief wells.
Duration : 00:37

:. Environmental Regulartory Regime

date created:
April 20, 2010
Dennis reveals Auditor General's Report on failure of Conservative Government to implement it.
Comments - Hon Chuck Strahl - Min of Indian Affairs and Northern Development - Conservative
Comments - Alex Atamanenko - MP - NDP
Duration : 01:35

:. Budget Implementation Bill

date created:
April 12, 2010
NDP does not support bill, Conservative agenda not right for Canada.
Dennis discusses Transport Committee and Aviation Safety and Air Traffic Security changes.
Also cuts to Aboriginal Healing foundation, Environmental Assessment, Protecting the Environment, the Tar Sands, Mackenzie Valley Act, implementation incomplete.
Comments - Kirsty Duncan - MP - Liberal
Comments - Charlie Angus - MP - NDP
Duration : 15:38

:. Aboriginal Healing Foundation

date created:
March 22, 2010
Dennis explains how he is concerned about certain issues. Government doing away with Foundation established some 10 years ago.
Question to Minister on taking away resources and Health Canada Bureaucracy.
Comments - Hon Leona Aglukkaq Minister of Health - Conservative
Duration : 02:40

:. Aviation Safety

date created:
March 18, 2010
Dennis discusses Aviation safety, Transport Canada, return of inspectors, government responsibility.
Comments - Hon John Baird - Min of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities - Conservative
Duration : 02:05

:. Dennis Bevington addresses Michael Ignatieff

date created:
March 5, 2010
Dennis Bevington Former MP, addresses the leader of the of the Liberal Part, Michael Ignatieff on his distinct version and fiscal development.
Duration : 01:11

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